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Mould, especially in large quantities, is nasty. It has the potential to cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible. Mould spores are airborne and only need a warm, humid environment to start growing. Given the weather here in South East Queensland, that’s just about everywhere for 10 months of the year.

We were recently called to conduct mould inspection a large workman’s shed West of Ipswich. A particularly large mould colony had formed on the ceiling and walls.

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All Aces Cleaning & Restoration in Murarrie on the south side of Brisbane was called to inspect the situation.

As the shed was not water tight, one corner of the shed was constantly letting in water, leaving a wet concrete subfloor which was feeding the mould. Our IICRC technician installed an Odorox Hydroxyl XL3 – 3 Globe Machine. Hydroxyls are created naturally when UV rays interact with the water molecules in the air. These Hydroxyls have the ability to break down the chemical bonds of bacteria and mould, effectively killing it.

Once the mould has been killed, the hard work begins. After donning protective masks and gloves, a solution of anti-microbial treatment was applied to the dead mould using microfiber cleaning cloths. This was a slow and meticulous process. Every millimetre of the inside of the shed needed to be treated as mould spores are tiny. What you actually see are large colonies of mould, started my one small cluster of mould absorbing moisture from the air. This is why even the areas that weren’t visibly affected by the mould needed to be treated.

After 2 days of cleaning, every visible trace of the mould had been removed and all the client’s equipment carefully put back where it was found.

Mould can be everywhere. It is on our food, in the air, hiding in the dark. As this was a shed and all hard surfaces, this was an unobtrusive and fairly easy clean. If this had been a house or office, the mould can grow in the walls, behind the plaster, in a dark damp corner under a sink, in a roof cavity. Depending on the size of the area overrun with spores, this may require removal of plaster and dry ice blasting. The time to call a professional like All Aces Cleaning & Restoration is as soon as you see the first signs. Our mould removal Brisbane service is what you need when you face this difficult situation.

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