Carpet Cleaning Coupons

I recently asked one of our technicians what is the question he is asked the most by our clients.

His answer was, “Can I have a discount?”

Our answer is always a resounding yes.

All Aces Services value our customers and offer a wide range of discounts, gifts and in some cases cold hard cash.

If you are a new client to our business, you can visit our website and download discount vouchers for your services.

For rugs you can use a $10.00 or $20.00 voucher, depending on the value of your cleaning.

For all our other services, $20.00, $50.00 and $100.00 vouchers are available. Of course, minimum charges and services apply.

FREE Gift Vouchers

All returning All Aces Services residential clients are entitled to a 10% V.I.P. Discount. Once your service has been completed, our friendly staff will follow up with a call and if you are a first time client, we will issue you with your V.I.P. card and number. Mention this when you call to book your next carpet cleaning, couch cleaning, tile cleaning or pest control to receive your discount. Don’t worry if you forget as we do store these details for you.

But we don’t stop there. You should receive a Thank You pack in the mail once your service is complete. Inside will be a Feedback form. You can either fill this out then return it to use using the envelope provided or visit our website and submit feedback there. While we love to hear positive feedback, it helps us improve our service to hear all comments. For this feedback we will send you a gift of a microfiber cloth and a Magic Sponge to help with cleaning your home.

Jump on our website and follow the links to submit a testimonial to Google+, True Local or our Facebook page and we will send you 2 free movie tickets to use at any time. Just email or phone us and let us know about your posting.

While you are on our website, you can also submit a testimonial there. For this, we will send you a Coffee Club V.I.P. membership.

And now for the cash. If you refer a friend to All Aces Services and they book a job with us in 60 days of your service being completed, we will give you 10% of their service. You can either have this as money directly into your bank account or a credit off your next service. Remember to fill in all the details on our referral page or your manual feedback form to receive your reward.