Car Odour Removal

It has all happened to us and, if it hasn’t, it probably will in the future – that horrible spill in the car. Whether it be milk, coffee or in this case citronella had unfortunately been spilled in the back seat, on the carpet and on the back of the front passenger seat of the car. As you can imagine the smell was not nice. It had been a type of fume it was giving the occupants headaches.

With All Aces Services been centrally located just over the gateway on the South Side of Brisbane, the client was located on the North Side of Brisbane at Carseldine and brought his car in first thing in the morning. We effectively performed car odour removal for this client.

We had to not only clean the actual spill but we had to clean the air from the fume to be able to  remove the odour 100%. This process took time. The car was thoroughly cleaned with a strong solvent to break down the actual chemical in the fabric and fibresand then we installed what we call a hydroxyl machine.

The hydroxyl machine allows us to decontaminate and deodorise the car and we were able to dry the car overnight at the same time. From the time the car was dropped in to the time the car was picked up was roughly 24 hours. When the client picked the car up, they inspected the car and they were over the moon to when they noticed the odour had been completely eliminated from the car. It was as if the incident has not even occurred in the first place, we saved the owner of the vehicle from having to put in the insurance claim.

All of All Aces Services technicians are full qualified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (including the customer service consultants). So you can be guaranteed you are going to be given the right information from the moment you pick up the phone to make that call. That’s what I call high quality service with value for money.