Commercial Cleaning Brisbane

Do you think your office is clean? You have someone in the vacuum them once a week. They mop your floors. They may even give the office chairs a wipe over with a cloth.

Are your cleaners using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter? HEPA or High Efficiency Particle Air filters capture the small dust particles that most vacuum cleaners expel back into the air. These fine particles then settle deep into the carpet fibres.

Are your cleaners using a retail cleanser on the hard floors? Your standard disinfectant floor cleaner actually attracts dirt. So, when walking from your dirty carpet onto your tiles or vinyl floors, you are depositing dirt, which sticks to any remaining residue on the floors.

While many offices think their cleaning routine is enough, smart office managers from all over South East Queensland have called All Aces Services for a monthly or 3 monthly maintenance program.

Polypropylene carpet has become more and more common in offices and commercial premises. This type of carpet is easy to care for and hard wearing. Office carpets see a lot more traffic than your home carpet. While your home may only have 3-5 people walking over them, some offices can have 30 to 40 people wandering around.

However, without regular professional cleaning, it can harbour a surprising amount of dirt and dust. Polypropylene carpet benefits from a monthly or 3 monthly Dry Fusion or Encapsulation clean. These are great low noise options to freshen up your carpets between a yearly full Tailored Steam Clean.

We recommend that each year your commercial premise undergoes a professional clean. With our commercial cleaning Brisbane service, we pre-inspect your carpet to identify the fibre type and access any spots and stain to ascertain if these will come out during the cleaning process. After applying a pre-conditioning and spotting agent, our full trained IICRC Technicians will apply steam extraction rinse away the soiling, dirt and unwanted bacteria. This is done using steam pressure up to 2200psi to loosen and extract the maximum amount of dirt and soil possible. We recently cleaned a commercial property that is vacuumed daily by professional cleaners and steam cleaned once a year. Without maintenance cleaning, the amount of dirt and soil that was extracted from the carpet was incredible.

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Hard floors will also benefit from a professional clean. Tiles and grout can be rotary cleaned to remove oils, scum, dirt and grease. Vinyl needs to regularly have the sealer stripped and reapplied to maintain its shine and stop excess wear and tear. You can have 3, 5 or 8 layers of new sealer applied, depending on the level of traffic your floors see.

To keep your floor clean, we recommend using Natural Clean. This is a neutral cleaner, rinsing to leave your floors clean but with no residue. 1 litre will clean approximately 1000m2 of hard floors, making it a cost effective alternative to retail cleansers.

All Aces Services are available to clean your commercial property and offices weekdays as well as Saturday and after hours. We can work with you to limit the disruption to your business. Our services can include movement of furniture and 12 month Spot and Stain protection for wool and nylon carpets.