Dog Urine on Carpet Odour Removal

I recently moved into a new townhouse in Carina. The previous tenant had a small dog that piddled all over the carpets. While the tenants had the carpets dry cleaned this in no way removed the urine stains or odour. There was yellowing on the stairs, brown stains on the carpets and when it was humid, a whiff of urine in the air. Our dog would rush past the stains with her ears back.

Now, while I had been extensively trained by All Aces Services in the steps our fully trained IICRC technician, seeing is a completely different story. I was astonished by the difference made by All Aces Services’ removal of dog urine on carpet odour.

After a quick cup of coffee, Abe got to work. He whipped out the Hydrosensor to see if the Urine Salts were still present in the carpets and underlay. It was like an episode of the Road Runner. Beep Beep. Beep Beep. Even in spots where I hadn’t noticed any stains, the Hydrosensor was going off. He then closely examined the carpet to determine that the fibre was Nylon.

The next step was to place sliders under the lounge chairs. As it’s only a small unit, Abe chose to move the furniture to one half of the room, clean there and slide to the other end of the room and clean there. Even I could easily push the 3 seater lounge around the room.

The morning our technician, Abe, was due to arrive, I gave the carpets a good vacuum with my cyclone technology machine. While it did an OK job, the All Aces Services HEPA filter vacuum with turbo head did an amazing job. One lounge room, stairs and hallway filled a vacuum bag! I could have made another dog from all the fur! He even vacuumed the bottom of the couch as the fur trapped under there from our dog could easily transfer back onto the carpets.

Abe then proceeded to spray the carpets with the pre-conditioner and Spotting treatment. I could notice the difference within minutes. Out comes the RX 20 for rotary agitation. Using the soft pad, this works the solutions into the carpets, releasing the dirt and stains as well as starting to remove it. The stairs were then manually agitated as they are a little bit too small for the RX 20. Already I could see a huge difference. The stains were gone, the odour was gone and the carpets were looking clean.

But we were only half way through the process. Stay Tuned for part 2 and the amazing after photos.