Dog Urine on Carpet Odour Removal Part II

We left off in Part 1 with the carpets in my home having been rotary agitated with the RX20. This process is a gentle scrubbing of the carpet to work the cleaning solution into the fibres. While the carpets were looking and smelling better already, our technician Abe was only half way through the process.

All Aces Services Deluxe carpet clean service isn’t just about getting the surface of your carpets clean. It’s a thorough, deep clean that actually removes the dirt and removes the odour rather than masking them.

After the agitation process was finished, the Steam extraction process begins. First, Abe used a wand attachment on the stairs and around the walls. A new attachment head was then put on the RX20. It looked like something out of a Sci-Fi movie but is extremely effective. Small jets spray hot hot water into the carpet while the large rectangular opening suck the water, dirt, hair and solution back out of the carpets at up to 2200psi! Great care is taken to not get too close to the walls as the spinning head can cause damage. This is why Abe used the wand to extract around the edges. I was also amazed at how much the rotary extraction lifted the indentations from the furniture.

The water is initially pumped into a tank in the Truck. This was filled up doing my carpets so Abe emptied it out onto the grass. Whoa! The smell of the water was rather putrid. I couldn’t believe THAT was in my carpets. Not only was there a heap of visible dog fur, there was also all the dirt, skin cells, oil from the dogs skin, urine, spilled food. The list goes on.

One stubborn little spot remained on the carpet, a rust stain from one of our armchairs. On with a little rust removal solution and it disappeared before my eyes. In less than 60 seconds it was gone!

The service was not finished yet! Another attachment onto the magic RX20 and the floors were gone over again with a Dry pad. This not only removes more of the moisture from the carpets, leaving them walk on dry, but removes the last remnants of dirt.

As the carpets had a lot of pet Urine in them, a final spray of enzyme solution was sprayed. This had a pleasant citrus smell, my favourite!

As it’s slightly cooler, high speed air movers were set up in both the lounge and at the bottom of the stairs to give the carpet a final dry while the carpets were groomed. This helps the fibres all go in one direction and dries faster. The technicians carry a broom that has two sides. One does shorter looped carpets, the other longer, cut pile and shaggy carpets.

The furniture slid back into place easily and we were finished.

I was blown away by the difference! I didn’t notice the odour very much as the weather was cooler but the contrast inside the house was astonishing. The strong urine smell was effectively removed. The carpets were bright, clean, and stain free.

With-in an hour they were dry and soft. They are a pleasure to walk on. It’s now been almost a week since the carpet cleaning and pet urine odour removal service was performed and it still looks and feels wonderful. I have a new appreciation and understanding for everything our technicians do while onsite.