Removing Dog Urine Odour on Upholstery

We had a lady from North Lakes in Brisbane with a lounge that her dog had urinated on. She was quite distressed and wasn’t sure how to tackle this problem.

She found All Aces Services on the internet and decided to give our Brisbane office a call to see what we could do for her.

We explained to her how urine works and went through the process of odour removal with her.

Below is how we explained to the client how urine works:

When urine leaves a pet’s body it goes down as an acid & dries as alkaline salt deposits, these salt deposits absorb moisture and burst, releasing the odour as an ammonia gas.

When this happens it causes the odour that we associate with urine. It’s impossible to remove urine with normal cleaning. One of the main urine ingredients is uric acid, it starts at a PH of about 5-6.

When it begins to dry, there is a change in its hydrogen content resulting in the formation of crystalline salts that takes on an alkaline PH.

All Aces Services are specialists when it comes to urine odour removal. We do need to do this off site most of the time as it is a 24 hour process and needs to be done at our purpose built facility located at Murarrie in Brisbane.

We then organised a day to go out to her property and pick up the affected cushions to bring them into our factory for cleaning.

It had run down between two of the cushions & had soaked right through the foam on the inside of the cushions.

It was a suede type fabric. There were no visible signs of staining but the odour was quite bad.

Once we had finished cleaning and removing the odour we returned the cushions to her.

She was quite amazed that there was no odour left in the cushions and was very happy with what All Aces Services had done for her.

She will now be keeping her little pooch off her nice clean couch to avoid future accidents.

For more information on pet urine odour removal please visit our website.

Dog Urine on Lounge