Mould Remediation Case Study in Noosa

Mould is a word that comes up in restoration a lot. At All Aces Cleaning & Restoration we get a large number of calls regarding mould. Mould can appear for a number of reasons, it could be one of these reasons or a combination of all of them:

  1. High Humidity
  2. Moisture – for example a leak
  3. Lack of sunlight
  4. Cleanliness

We recently completed a large job for a client at Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast. This property had a number of issues and they all contributed to a lot of microbial growth on both the structure and contents.

In the kitchen there had been a small leak which had affected the walls and flooring. The leak had not been seen to by a professional to dry any of the structure at the time of leak. This had possibly caused a higher humidity within the premises, as the premises was not lived in all the time as the owner was spending a substantial amount of time overseas.

Due to the premises being locked up with limited air flow, natural sunlight and moisture from a leak it was a feeding frenzy for mould.

First point of call was to allocate a builder to the property and look at redesigning the property to create more natural sunlight and air flow for when the owner was away overseas. As the mould has become severe throughout the property and had affected some of the structure beyond repair, the builder had to remove a lot of the gyprock. Once this was done we sent a team of our qualified technicians, qualified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, based out of All Aces Cleaning & Restoration Head Office located at Murarrie on the South Side of Brisbane to attend the property located at Noosa to decontaminate and treat the mould.

We had two technicians at the property for two full days work. They started with a full HEPA vacuum of the entire property (including framing). Whilst all the builder’s work and our work was being completed we had 2 x Hydroxyl machines, 3 x Air Scrubbers and 1 x Decon Air Scrubber in the premises. This was a vital part of the decontamination, these machines are definitely worth their weight in gold. They filter and purify the air of any contaminates whilst the mould is being disturbed.

Once the manual cleaning of all contents and structure was completed, the technicians proceeded to complete a full fogging treatment of all structure and cavities. All Aces Cleaning & Restoration strives to only use the best of the best and we used a product that is an ultra-green enzyme based product. There is no better way to treat problem pathogens, it’s safe and non-toxic.

For any mould concerns, don’t attempt it yourself. Call the experts at All Aces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 10 10 today for assistance.