Soot Cleaning on Fire Damaged Recliners

Fire damage restoration can be a very daunting task, especially when you end up soot cleaning some of your most valuable possessions. What can be worse than losing the thing you hold closest to your heart? This is where we step in. At All Aces Services, we do things a bit differently. Almost every day, we are flooded with calls related to restoration of things from moulding, water damage, smoke and soot as well as fire damage.

How We Can Provide Soot Cleaning

Just recently, we got a case from one of the major insurance companies about a property in Coorparoo located on the south side of Brisbane. The client was extremely distressed as he had lost a very expensive Moran lounge, with 4 individual recliners, each costing around $1500. The lounge was in an irreparable condition and the owner had given up all hopes of being able to get the fire damage restoration procedure done on it.

When we got the call, we knew that we could make a difference which is why we got the lounge back to our factory in Murarrie to try our professional soot cleaning services on it. Phil, one of our qualified technicians, who’s worked on such cases a lot of times, worked on removing the thick layers of soot from the furniture pieces.

In order to restore the damaged pieces, we had to make sure that the whole fire damage restoration procedure is carried out to the tee. This in turn was done by removing the soot in layers so that the colour of the lounge was kept intact yet the main purpose of restoration was achieved.

What Our Customers Say about Soot Cleaning

As you can imagine, the client was ecstatic with our work. Not only did he manage to get his favourite lounge back in the original condition, but he had also found a restoration company which was going to provide excellent services right from the beginning to the end. This is probably the only reason why we value the services provided to our customers at every step. We believe in providing exceptional services to our clientele which helps us deal with all possible types of restoration jobs. Our large base of technicians and experts pave the way for us to provide such services to our clients, making us an instant hit with all those who want a good value for their money.

So next time if you want a service provider to take care of all your fire damage restoration and soot cleaning problems, you know you can bank on All Aces Services.

Soot cleaning on fire damaged recliners