Managing the Damage from Fire and Restoration Clean-up

One of the most difficult tasks faced by a restoration company is cleaning up after fire has damaged a property. Fire can cause a great deal of damage in a very short time, and long after the flames have been extinguished there is invariably a strong odour remaining, which must be eliminated. Smoke can permeate not only the contents of a home but the materials it consists of also. It is not an easy task to remove all odours and takes expert treatment to effect a satisfactory result.

All Aces Services has a team of technicians who have received qualification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, a qualification that many loss adjusters and insurance companies look for to ensure they are hiring an expert company for the restoration project. This same qualification provides peace of mind for any insurance company or individual when hiring a restoration company.

Fire and Restoration Services

One of our regular clients, an assessor, was recently faced with a severely damaged property and knew without hesitation that All Aces Services were the right company for the task. The property had sustained extensive damage, with many of the walls and ceilings requiring demolition and replacement. All Aces team of experts in fire damage assessment and restoration were called in to assess the contents and provide a report stating which items could be salvaged and restored.

After our technicians supplied the assessor with the restoration list, the owners signed off on those items and our technicians arranged for their safe transportation to our professional factory in Murarrie, South Brisbane. All soft contents were thoroughly cleaned with a fire counteractant to remove all traces of odour, and then any marks caused by soot etc. were removed with professional cleaning products to ensure a great result.

After the builders had gutted the damaged property, All Aces Services sent in a team to thoroughly clean the entire property, both inside and out, with a fire counteractant. We then installed both an Odorox Hydroxyl Processor and a Decan Odorox Machine, designed to remove excessive amounts of smoke, animal dander, ash, pollen and the like. The combination of our professional cleaning processes and the installation of the two machines restored the property to its former condition, with no traces of odour remaining. The builders were then able to erect new walls and ceilings, confident in the fact that all odours had been successfully removed from the premises, and that there would be no need to take remedial action at a later date to re-address any odour issues.