Smoke Damage on a Leather Lounge from House Fire

Fire and smoke damage is not new to us in Australia. A fire accident is very unfortunate as it is a grave risk to life. Even when there are no injuries, it does major damage to the property and its contents. Not only at the immediate vicinity of the fire, but also in the surrounding areas. Fire burns things at the point of incidence, the heat causes damage to items and structures nearby, the smoke leaves everything in the house covered in soot and leaves a burnt odour that just refuses to go away unless professionally cleaned.

At All Aces Services, we have a team that offer round the clock services to restore property damaged due to fire. Recently we got a call from a house in Coorparoo that was damaged due to a house fire. The initial work was to remove soot damage. A leather lounge was damaged due to soot from the fire. We brought it to our factory in Murrarie for expert cleaning. There was risk of damage to the coating of the leather unless soot and odour were quickly removed.

Removing soot and smoke damage from the lounge

We did a thorough inspection of the damaged lounge and took pictures. The first task was to vacuum the loose soot out of the surface. Once this was done, we cleaned it with a chemical to completely remove the remaining soot. Manually cleaning the lounge with soft cloth restored it to its original condition. The lounge was now free from soot and odours.
Photo of Smoke Damaged Leather Lounge - Before and During treatment

Leather tends to crack and peel over time with use due to its tendency to absorb perspiration and body oils. Leather surfaces need to be protected to keep them in good condition for years. We applied protection to the surface to protect it from staining and also to prevent any damage due to oil, water or alcohol spills. The entire job took about two hours per seat.

The customer was delighted to see the condition of the restored lounge and we are now removing soot and smoke damage from the property itself. We have also been entrusted with the restoration of tiles, wooden floors, rugs, dining chairs and other sentimental contents affected by the fire. The customer is very pleased with the extensive work that we are doing to restore the items, but for our team at All Aces that is not something new.

For us at All Aces, the smile on the faces of our customers when they see the results of our work brings us great joy. We are experts in this kind of work. We do a thorough professional restoration of items that have been affected by fire, soot and smoke damage.

Photo of Smoke Damaged Leather Lounge after it has been through All Aces Fire Damage Restoration