How to Remove Mould from a Jute Rug

When a jute rug is subjected to water damage and it is left untreated, mould will appear quickly (in as little as 48 hours), the rug will develop a distasteful odour, and then becomes at risk of being permanently damaged and a total loss. This is also true of other natural fibre rugs. Once mould has developed, anyone in close proximity to the affected rug is at risk of developing health problems, so having the rug effectively treated by professionals with experience of cleaning mould from rugs immediately is very important.

All Aces Services are familiar will all types of rug and carpet cleaning, and so are able to remove all traces of mould from your jute rug, as well as other natural fibre rugs such as those made from Sisal and Hemp. All Aces uses a professional chemical treatment that cleans and sanitises the rug and then it is dried thoroughly to remove all traces of bacteria and odour.

While you can try to remove mould from your rug yourself, it often becomes a far more difficult task than you realize. Even if you have your own home carpet cleaner, it is unlikely that you will be able to remove all traces of mould and odour, and in many cases the stain and odour returns. It is also important to understand that you need to have a large space in which to clean the rug, and then a rack to put it on to dry it thoroughly. All Aces Services has the knowledge and expertise to effectively clean and sanitise your rug in their one-of-a-kind facility, with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

All Aces Step-by-Step Process to Remove Mould from Your Rug

  1. Inspect and photograph the rug for evidence of physical damage
  2. Thoroughly vacuum and beat out all excess debris with the Rug Badger machine
  3. Use the Ozone Hydroxyl machine to thoroughly dry the rug
  4. Apply a dry powder composite to clean and deodorize the rug at the same time
  5. Vacuum and beat the rug with the Rug Badger machine a second time
  6. Place rug on a rack and apply high pressure air
  7. Vacuum the rug again and then wrap it in paper

The entire mould removal process takes about 3 working days, but at the end of that time your once water-logged, mouldy and odorous jute rug will have all signs of mould removed and be as good as new again, and may even be in better condition than before it became water-damaged.

All Aces Services removing mould from a Jute rug