How to Get Rid of Carpet Moths

Nothing compares to the beauty and long lasting qualities of wool carpet, but if you don’t undertake regular checks for carpet moths your wool carpet won’t stay beautiful for long. Your wool carpet is an expensive investment, so caring for it is important to get the best value and longevity from it.

The Hidden Danger

Carpet moths like to live in dark, quiet areas and one of their favourite places is under the furniture. Many people don’t even realize they have a carpet moth problem until it is too late. They also like places such as closets, drawers, between the walls and in the roof cavities. They like to feed on most fibres and can cause serious damage to your wool carpet. If not detected and eradicated in time, you may be left with no option but to replace your expensive carpet.

As if ruining your expensive carpet isn’t enough, carpet moths also carry a number of diseases and can be the cause of allergies. While it is important to ensure carpet moths do not exist in your wool carpet, this is particularly important in a home with small children, especially those susceptible to allergies.

Prevention of Carpet Moths

Whenever it is time for your wool carpet to be treated, it is important to hire an experienced, professional team to clean and treat your carpet. All Aces Services have the experience, professionalism, technology and expertise to effectively clean and treat your carpet. Both the cleaning and treatment can be undertaken on the same day, thereby minimizing any inconvenience. Our service includes a complimentary free check-up in 6 months time. We also offer inspections to detect the presence of carpet moths and other pests, and can assess damage if any exists.


Because carpet moths like to ‘hide’ in areas that are not easily visible, when preparing the room(s) for treatment it is advisable to remove everything from the room. Thorough cleaning of the carpet before treatment is also recommended. Wool rugs should be treated at the same time, as carpet moths like to feed on these too.

Photo of Carpet Moths

Our treatment not only eradicates carpet moths, but also prevents them from returning. We only use solutions that do not threaten the environment around your home or commercial premises, and we are extremely careful in our application methods.

We have a proven track record in the detection, treatment and prevention of carpet moths. Let All Aces Services clean and treat your carpet before carpet moths ruin your beautiful wool carpet.