Tips for Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl floor cleaning in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast is very popular for commercial customers and starting to be very popular for our residential customers as well. One of the most common problems in vinyl is that it gets worn down. All Aces Cleaning & Restoration in Brisbane recommends customers to get their Vinyl floors sealed. Sealing your vinyl is like protection, if you have your vinyl protected you are wearing down the sealer not the vinyl. Sealing also protects it from chemicals, dirt and also scratches.

Vinyl Sealing doesn’t last forever, you have to maintain the sealer every 6 – 12months. Your vinyl might only need to be cleaned not resealed, so it is good to have an inspection on your vinyl from a professional cleaner.

The reason why you need to have your sealer maintained is that chemicals and dirt are vinyls biggest enemies. They can get into the grain of vinyl and if they do get into the grain of the vinyl you would have to get it completely stripped and sealed or worse case scenario you have to get the vinyl replaced.

A great tip for vinyl floors is a door mat, door mats can get off the dirt and chemicals from your shoes so they don’t go onto the vinyl. To sweep your floors frequently to get the excess dirt off the vinyl from your shoes. Other great tips are; do not use a heavy machines that will use pressure, and to always wipe up spills straight away! When cleaning your vinyl floors make sure you are using the right chemicals. If you use the wrong chemicals it can damage your floors, always use products like the neutral cleaner from All Aces Services that is a product that is designed for vinyl floors.

When mopping you vinyl do not drench your mop, always squeeze it out so it is lightly wet. This is so water doesn’t get into the cracks, seams and edges, when the water is there it can damage the hold of the vinyl and it may have to be replaced.

When cleaning your vinyl do not use soap, yes soap cleans it but it will leave residue on the vinyl and residue attracts dirt. When mopping your floors only use recommended products or warm water. When having large furniture items like TV cabinets and fridges it can make marks in vinyl. To prevent this from happening use furniture protectors that you put under the legs of the furniture, also use these for when moving your furniture as well so you don’t scratch them.

All Aces Cleaning & Restoration has a great system for vinyl floor cleaning where you will never have to get it stripped again! This system is designed for only getting top ups when needed, when your vinyl has been put into this system it will always be protected and will never have to be stripped again. This is a great system for customers so their vinyl is always looking great and never looking ugly!