Professional Pest Inspection in Brisbane

All Aces Services recently received a call from Gaye, who lives in Nundah, North Brisbane in regards to her need for our pest control services. The client was suffering from an epidemic of Web-spiders and cockroaches in three units as well as garages and stairwells. Such an infection of pests was causing a great deal of stress for Gaye, and we were very glad to get her some help immediately.

All Aces sent Matt, our qualified technician out to the job in Nundah. Upon arriving at the location, Matt performed a full pest inspection of the problem to see which areas had been infected. He also shared some professional advice to Gaye to help her avoid this issue in the future. Once the pre-inspection and consultation was completed, Matt checked back over the areas where he had found pests, and made sure that there were no other infestations from other pests. Luckily, he found none other than the Web-spiders and cockroaches. It was then time to deal with the problem at hand.

Matt knew that the infestation needed to be dealt with efficiency and immediately, since Web-spiders are so dangerous. They are one of the most feared and disliked creatures in Australia, and are most definitely NOT a pest you would want in your home. The two main groups of spiders in the country are hunting or crawling spiders and webbing spiders. Webbing spiders are normally found over lamps, in curtains, railings, windows, and gutters. It is important to be on the lookout for them, since many of them are not harmless pests, but very dangerous creatures.

When Matt had completed the post pest inspection, and was sure that all of the cockroaches and Web-spiders had been taken care of, he showed Gaye the formally infected areas that were now clean. Gaye was thrilled to know that her property was now pest free and promised to take Matt’s advice for keeping it that way.