Fire Damage Restoration Services in Wynnum

All Aces Services received a very detailed request from an insurance company for a fire damage restoration job that had occurred on the South Side of Brisbane at Wynnum. On inspection it was noted that there had been a fire in the kitchen and it had affected the whole house which consisted of the Kitchen, dining, lounge, hallway, entrance, study, master bedroom, as well as the second and third bedrooms. They had all been affected heavily by soot.

We sent Ashley one of our most experienced technicians to the fire affected property at Wynnum. We needed to remove and clean soot from all the affected areas with soot sponges and specialised fire chemicals. There was also the odour to deal with. We installed a Hydroxyl machine and two Air Scrubbers with Charcoal filters. Charcoal filters are specially designed to filter the air of any contaminates and odours after a fire.

There are few points to look out for if you have had a fire in your premises, please make sure you do not try and clean the premises yourself because if it is an oil based fire we need to use specialised products that break down the oil and if it’s a protein based fire you do not want to add a liquid based product on the soot as it turns the soot into a liquid and it makes it very difficult to remove. Not all fires can be cleaned enough to avoid painting but they all need to be cleaned professionally before they can be painted to allow the painting to be done correctly.

As you can see from the photos the premises located at Wynnum was severely affected and needed extensive cleaning. The owner is ecstatic with the end results and they now have a fresh home that does not smell of soot and fire damage.