How to Remove Red Wine Stains

All Aces received a phone call from Nikki who lives in Kangaroo Point, South Brisbane. Nikki called in regards to a large red wine stain that was on her carpet.

We sent our qualified technician Jai out to the job in Kangaroo Point. Jai inspected the red wine stain for Nikki and gave her some professional advice for when something like this might happen again. In this process Jai would use our stain removal product for Red Wine. He managed to get 80% of the stain out for Nikki. This stain was on a white carpet so Nikki was stoked with result as she thought she was never going to get any of the stain out.

For future stains that happen it is good to get a cold wet cloth and DAB at the stain NOT RUB. This is because if you rub on the stain you are actually rubbing more of the colour into the carpet which means it will be more difficult to get out. The reason for dabbing cold wet cloth is you are getting the residue of the stain. You won’t get the stain out because you would have already dyed the fibre in the carpet, but you will get that excess out that could further stain the carpet.

At our factory and with all our technicians we have a stain removal product that is available to all our customers. This product is good for other stains  as well, like dirt. Once again to use this product you dab with a wet cloth on the stain instead of rubbing.  All Aces provides micro fibre cloths and white magic sponges for your home as part of our products and services.