Curtain Cleaning in our Brisbane Facility

We at All Aces Services recently had a customer requesting our curtain cleaning services. Martin called our office to explain how badly they were in need of cleaning. In fact, Martin’s curtains were so stained that we had to arrange for him to have our Deluxe Curtain Clean. This is the most comprehensive curtain cleaning service on the market today. Not only does our Deluxe Curtain Clean service leave your curtains clean, but they will be left dry and ready to use as well.

Deluxe Curtain Cleaning Process

The following explains the process that we used for cleaning Martin’s curtains.

  1. All Aces was glad to pick up the curtains from Martin’s residence and bring them to our facility for cleaning.
  2. All Aces performed a pre-inspection, fabric fibre identification, and spot and stain survey.
  3. The curtains were then dry vacuumed, with a machine that featured hospital grade filtration. This step was to remove the dry soiling that was on the curtains.
  4. Encapsulation detergent was then applied to the curtains.
  5. Using a soft brush or pad, the curtains were then softly agitated.
  6. Dry pads or drying towels were then used on the curtains to help remove any extra soiling and dry them.
  7. The curtains were then placed in All Aces Services drying room, where we use high-speed air movers and dehumidifiers in order to completely dry the curtains.
  8. All Aces services technicians then performed a post inspection, fibre identification, and stain survey on the curtains.
  9. The curtains were then wrapped to keep them fresh and clean.

If you are ever in need of having your curtains cleaned, and are considering All Aces Services for the job, there is something you should keep in mind. We highly recommend that all curtains be cleaned at our facility. The reason for this is quite simple; without the proper equipment, you can cause further damage. There are some curtains, which have backing, and using incorrect equipment can cause delamination. In other words, the backing can actually come off of the curtains. It is for this reason that we prefer to do all curtain cleaning at our factory, where we have the proper equipment for the job.

Don’t live in Brisbane? No worries! We will be glad to pick up your curtains, clean them, and then deliver them back to your address.