How to Remove Cat Urine Smell from Carpet

On Wednesday, February 8th, All Aces Services in Brisbane was called to attend a cat urine odour removal job, which was located in New Farm. The homeowners had made the call after two of their cats urinated inside the house.

As many people know, cat urine has a very strong odour, which is extremely hard to get rid of. This is partially due to the fact that the urine contains protein, which cats will use to “spray” their territory in an effort to mark it. When this cat urine dries onto the carpet inside of a home, the urine forms into crystals, which make removal of the odour quite hard to do. If you try to use a regular cleaner to remove the urine, it usually just masks the scent. Once the scent is covered, most people assume that they have gotten rid of the problem. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The crystals, which exist in the urine stain, will reactivate under moist conditions, and the odour will once again be strongly offensive. In order to get rid of the odour completely, one must use a cleaner that will break down those crystals instead of simply masking the smell. All Aces Services is one of very few companies that use this type of product. Because of this, we are able to offer a full restoration service to get rid of both the cat urine odours and stains.

Procedures to Remove Cat Urine Smell

In the case of the home at New Farm, in Brisbane, our service technician arrived on the scene and performed a standard moisture inspection in order to indicate where the cat urine was located in each room. Exactly how much moisture was present in the carpet from the urine stain was also determined so that we could decide which type of treatment was needed. It was discovered that two rooms were heavily soiled with cat urine. This meant that a complete restoration was needed for those rooms to be sure that both the odour removal and the stain removal would be completed.

In our full restoration service, we will take up the carpet, as well as the underlay, from the affected area. We will then clean the sub-flooring, which is normally made of wood or concrete, with a pressure cleaner. Once cleaned, the area is treated and the floor is sealed. This way, the odour is guaranteed not to resurface when your carpets are cleaned. All Aces Services also works closely with local companies who lay carpet in order to ensure minimal disruption to you and your family.