Stain Removal on Wool Carpet

We recently had a lady who called us from Caloundra who was in urgent need of stain removal services. She was extremely upset after she had gone out for the day and left her new puppy at home. When she returned her puppy had left her a present on her new wool carpet, as you can imagine she did not like the present.

She was so sure that her new wool carpet was ruined, but then she remembered that her friend in Noosa had recently used a carpet cleaner for her stain removal. Her friend had spilt some nail polish on her carpet and called All Aces Services who removed the stain.

The worst and most common mistake that people make is trying all the different chemicals that are usually stocked under their kitchen sink. These chemicals and cleaning agents can actually cause more damage to the wool carpet than the stain itself.

Professional Stain Removal on the Sunshine Coast

She called All Aces Services and we calmed her down and had one of our friendly qualified technicians there first thing the next morning. She was apprehensive at first but when she saw just how professional we were and removed the stain completely for her she was amazed.

There are plenty of carpet cleaners out there that advertise for stain removal but are not professionally trained or certified by an independent organisation. Our technicians are fully trained through the Clean Trust (formerly IICRC) and know how to do professional stain removal in the home.

So if you have a stain that you think can’t be removed, even if you have already tried other carpet cleaning companies with no success, then give us a call before you try anything else on it. If we don’t make a difference to your stain with our stain removal services in the first 15 minutes then it’s FREE.