Why is there mould growing in my house? – Mould Remediation

In early May we received an insurance claim for mould removal/remediation as the bedroom of the house had mould growing in it. It was in the corner of the room, on the bedside table and on the cupboard. We advised the insurance company that we needed to inspect and report on this situation, as we would end up cleaning there every week due to how rapidly mould can grow, that is, if the leak doesn’t get fixed.

Our qualified technician attended the property and talked to the customer who expressed her concerns. She and her roommate were becoming sick with headaches and runny noses due to the mould. Mould can be a serious health concern. She mentioned that a couple of months ago there was a leak in the roof and the roofers had just placed a tarp over the damaged section.

As our qualified technician was taking moisture readings around the property he discovered that all of the inside walls that are on the outer rim of the house were wet (high moisture) and all other walls were reading different moisture levels. We had not come across this situation before i.e. just the outer walls being wet. Our minds boggled as there were no evident leaks, which is a common cause for mould growth.

The roofers turned up at the end of the week, but unfortunately they only did a report and they didn’t fix anything. In the meantime as the customer waited for her roof to be fixed, nothing eventuated and over just 1.5 weeks mould had grown rapidly on the windows, blinds, clothes, shoes, into 2 other bedrooms and in the lounge room.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, we cleaned as much mould as we could see, as we couldn’t wait around anymore for the roofers to fix the roof. We took the customer’s clothes and movable belongings back to the factory for cleaning, sanitising and drying. We advised her to store the majority of her clean items at a friend’s place so that they didn’t become contaminated again.

A few days later the customer received the roofers report saying that the asbestos roof that had been replaced with a galvanised iron roof was causing condensation, which was then running down the outside of the house.

Who would have thought that condensation in the roof could cause so much damage?

Thank goodness for qualified people in the industry, so these problems can be rectified.

If you need help with mould remediation in your home or business, please contact All Aces Services immediately or call us on 1800 00 10 10. Don’t become sick because you did not get the problem fixed.