High Pressure Water and Concrete Cleaning

I live in Brisbane and was recently looking to clean up around my garden as it had become a bit messy and dirty looking.  I have a medium sized outside patio which is a concrete and paved surface.  The paved area seemed to be a general brown colour.  I also have a painted concrete side path and driveway.  Over the years there had been a build up of general dirt and grime as well as in certain areas there was some mossy growth.  This was particularly evident in areas that remained wet after rain and areas that had a build up of leaf litter.

I asked the friendly staff of All Aces Services, about it.  They recommended the use of the petrol powered high pressure water cleaner.  I arranged to have a qualified All Aces Services technician come out and clean my out door area.  As the technician worked and the dirt and grime was blasted away we couldn’t believe our eyes.  As you can see from the photo on the right, the pavers are actually a creamy colour with a red border.  Who would have thought??!!

Also in our outdoor area we have a wooden seating structure bordering the gardens.  This had become black looking over time and nobody really wanted to sit there.  The high power water pressure cleaner was able to blast away the grime and they came up looking fresh and wooden again.  They are now much more appealing to sit on.

We are extremely pleased at how nicely the outdoor area looks now.  We are no longer ashamed to have visitors over to see it.

The high powered water pressure cleaning system is extremely effective on driveways, concrete, bricks, walls and also on roofs.  It is also effective in graffiti removal, grease, mould, paint and rust removal.  If you are located in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast and require high pressure water cleaning, please call All Aces Services on 1800 00 10 10 and we can arrange to have a qualified technician over to your place for amazing results.  You won’t regret it, we certainly didn’t!