Remove Mould with Dry Ice Blasting

With the crazy unpredictable weather we have been having lately, our friends Mr Mould and Mr Fungus have been having the time of their lives. They have so many feeding grounds, our clothes, furniture, walls, ceiling and structure of our homes. Not only are Mr Mould and Mr Fungus bad to hang out with they are also very hard to get rid of.

There are myths to remove mould, like using bleach, which only acts to take the colour away. If you want your dangerous friends to leave then call a qualified technician to remove mould permanently.

Mould needs to be treated more seriously as it can be a health risk. We currently have 3 jobs at Auchenflower, Newstead and Victoria Point where owners have done the right thing and not used household products to try and remove mould.

The family at Newstead started to get a rash on their faces and the children started to have breathing problems. We inspected their property to find the whole house needed to be stripped back right to the frame. The frame work was severely covered in mould so in order to remove mould we must dry ice blast the area.

Our fully qualified technician has performed dry ice blasting on the property. This house has now been cleaned and treated and rebuilt back to livable standards.

The other properties at Auchenflower and Victoria Point are being completed in the next two weeks. If you want to remove mould safely and efficiently, please give All Aces Services a call ASAP on 1800 00 1010, as mould is a very serious problem and can be damaging to our health. We are more important than Mr Mould and Mr Fungus so let’s destroy their lives and homes instead of our own.