Carpet For Life – Maintenance cleaning

Carpets should always be maintained. The biggest concern I have, especially as the Commercial and Residential Coordinator, is that companies and people wait till their carpets look dirty before having them cleaned. One of my major goals at All Aces Services is to put companies on a maintenance cleaning plan.

My latest success story was a company located in Brisbane at Paddington. They booked in to have their carpets cleaned as a one off but the carpets had not been cleaned in years. We sent Jai one of our most experienced and qualified technicians to clean their carpets.

Upon cleaning the carpets it was noted that the water was coming out black! You can imagine that this not only not good for the life the carpets but nor is it very hygienic. I approached them after the carpets had been cleaned. Little to say they were horrified in realising how dirty and how unhygienic their carpets were. With the feedback from the tech we have now a maintenance plan in place to have their carpets cleaned quarterly.

It is stressful enough running a business especially with added worry of knowing when carpets, pest control, air conditioners and coffee machines etc need to be serviced. We take that worry out of it for you by putting together your own personalised maintenance plan and contacting you every 3 or 6 months to organise your maintenance clean. You will now add years of life to your carpet and know that your carpet is constantly clean and hygienic for your staff and clients.

Be sure to call All Aces Cleaning & Restoration so we can put together your own maintenance plan. Whether it is for carpets, pest control, vinyl, tiles or upholstery we do it all and at a discounted rate for 6 and 3 month contracts.  Call us now on 1800 00 1010 as we are waiting to take your call.