Blood Stain Removal

We recently had a client from Camp Hill who rang us very distressed as his mum had had an accident and there was blood all over her single mattress and on the carpet.  He was worried that not only did he have the stress of his mother being in hospital but he thought he would have to replace the mattress and the carpet for when his mother did return from the hospital.  As you can see from the “before” photo, the carpet and the mattress were in a bit of a mess.

The best thing the customer had done was not to try and use any carpet cleaning or stain removal products from the supermarket.  If customers do use other products on stains it can set the stain and hinder how well our products do work.  All of our technicians are trained and qualified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.  This allows our technicians to provide expert stain removal and fibre identification.

If you follow this link to the Stain Removal page on our website, you can watch a video of our technicians in action.

We sent one of our most experienced technicians out to do the job.  With his professional stain removal kit he removed the stains.  The stains did take a couple of hours but they were removed 100% as you can see from the pictures.  The customer was over the moon as we saved him from having to buy a new mattress and installing new carpet.


Things to remember when you have a similar situation:

  • Don’t use products from the supermarkets.  These products are not designed for all types of carpets and can react with your stain.
  • Don’t use home remedies as they can also react with your stain.
  • Leave your stain to the professionals – this can save you money and stress.