Pesky URINE damage on rugs

Whether it be because the dog likes the feel of the rug, or the cat is marking its territory, or they are both just plain lazy – there is no doubt that pet urine can do some real damage to our most valuable rugs. In some cases it may not be because the rug is of a high dollar value, but more so the sentimental value, that requires the rug to be restored.

The biggest question to ask yourself is ‘What’s my tolerance level?’

If your pet ‘rules the roost’ so to speak and is classed as one of the family, then when FiFi pees on the 50 year old persian rug, it may not be such an issue as FiFi can do what she likes – therefore just cleaning the rug and a mild treatment might be enough as FiFi will most likely go back and do it again. Then there are others that don’t have pets and a friend has come to visit with their Maltese who loved the feel of your new designer shag pile rug, so much it used it as a toilet. Therefore the smell will be escalated even more and the tolerance level will be low.

Whatever the tolerance level, we are able to fix the urine in the rug by submerging the rug to fully remove the odour with a 100% Guarantee or we are able to do surface treatments for when the smell really isn’t that bad.

Sometimes if the smell isnt too bad, and its just the stain that is causing a problem, our technicians who are qualified through the IICRC in Advanced Stain Removal will be able to assist.

Whether it be a $100 000 silk rug or a rug that has been in the family for 3 generations, they can be just as valuable as each other and we are able to tailor a clean to suit your needs.