Fire Damage Restoration Services

Emergency situations require us to act quickly.  Living in Australia, emergencies and adverse weather conditions, such as bush fires and floods are all too typical occurrences. This can in turn cause water or fire damage to your property as well as your personal belongings.

Immediacy is critical in dealing fire damage situations.  This is important because:

  • Thermal damage is caused by the heat to the internal structures, fixings, and the contents of the structure.
  • Exteriors and paint can be permanently damaged by smoke.
  • Fatigue in metals is also an issue with the heat, which can cause future breakdown of certain materials and structures.
  • Wood and decorative finishes are also easily damaged by smoke, and plastics can also be discoloured easily.
  • Corrosive contaminants from the heat can damage and attack certain metals on your property, which can cause further damage in the future as well.

Photo of fire damage restoration cleaning.

How We Can Assist With Fire Damage

When you contact us at All Aces Cleaning & Restoration we provide 24 hour service for fire damage, so we can respond quickly to the problem. We will inspect, take note of the damage and immediately bill your insurer, which means we can get started on the damage repair work for you immediately.

The process we follow for fire damage restoration includes:

  • Initially stabilising the contents and your property.
  • Removing the contents on the site.
  • Cleaning the items, then reinstating them in the property.
  • Cleaning the walls and floor coverings and reinstating them.
  • If restoration services have been completed, we will fully inspect.
  • Ozone treatments so we can help remove the odour from the property that we are treating.
  • We will then use air scrubbers, that have carbon filters on them, in order to help eliminate the odours while we clean.

Hydroxyl odour treatments are also used, so we can eliminate the smoke odours in the property.

All Aces Services is an Authorised Youi Service Provider